"Do you know the cure for me?" Why yes, he said, "I know the cure for everything. Salt water."
Salt water?" I asked him. Yes" he said, "in one way or the other. Sweat, or tears, or the salt sea."

- Isak Dinesen 

Hand-harvested, solar evaporated, culinary grade sea salt.

Florida Keys Sea Salt - the hand-crafted taste of sunshine and sea water.

Imagine swift flowing waters where the Gulf and Atlantic meet between mangrove islands ...This is where ocean water is collected, evaporated and hand-harvested in the Florida Keys sunshine, then artfully combined with local ingredients to create quality, gourmet sea salt blends.

We honor the cycles of the seasons and the turn of the stars. Our solar evaporated sea salt harvests are labeled with the harvest date or season and the journey of days from seawater to sea salt.  

It’s quite a process but it’s a time honored, all-natural one. We wouldn’t have it any other way. 


All sea water collected for harvest as Florida Keys Sea Salt undergos several barrier filterings in order to preserve as much of the natural minerals as possible and produce artisanal grade sea water products. All Florida Keys Sea Salt harvests have a three way identification or ‘ID’; celestial events/holidays during the evaporation phase, date of actual harvest of salt, number of days from seawater to sea salt. We also identify the ‘type’ of salt or seawater evaporation as first harvest or various specialty salts. Artisanal farming of sea salt produces varied harvests that can be difficult to reproduce exactly, much like fine cheese and wine, each harvest is unique unto itself. Despite our best efforts, and perhaps as a bonus, each harvest of Florida Keys Sea Salt stands on its own. We make every effort to provide our clients with a Florida Keys Sea Salt that best meets their needs. All of our salts are food grade.

Most FKSS culinary salt is a combination of crystal and flake, with some salts also containing piramides

FIRST HARVEST: Classic sea salt containing some trace minerals and mostly sodium chloride that precipitates out of the sea water solution first, 


TRACE MINERAL (second harvest): Discernible taste of valuable trace minerals leaves a tingle on the tongue. Sometimes a bit more ‘wet’ than first harvest and frequently referred to as ‘grey salt’ which does not describe the color of our salt, nor identify its beneficial trace mineral content.

PIRAMIDES: pyramid like crystals form on the surface of the sea water early in solar evaporation as a result of high heat and rapid evaporation:  most frequently in spring and summer salts, abundant wind and sun produce the largest crystals of the year. A special FINISHING salt with few rivals, this is our most limited quantity specialty salt. 

BITTERN/NIGARI SALT: late stage evaporation salt, contains more minerals and less sodium chloride, heavy in magnesium; has a distinct bitter taste (as in *bitter*n) with strong taste of trace minerals and tingling on sides of tongue wiith mild sodium flavor; FKSS harvests this as the final salt of each evaporation harvest before the Nigari liquid/solid/dust is harvested. 

BITTERN/NIGARI liquid/solid/dust: the final result of solar evaporation of sea water to harvest sea salt. Bittern is high in magnesium chloride, calcium chloride and has significant amounts of concentrated trace minerals. Bittern has been used for centuries in the firming of the soybean product, tofu. Bittern water/nigarisui has historically been used in Japan as a health aid and is also known as ‘Sole’. (Bittern/nigari salt/liquid/solid/dust/ are used in FKSS Solar Salt Scrub).

SULFUR SALT: final harvest of bittern salt with high sulfur content from the FKSS salt water well. (Sulfur salt Solar Salt Scrub available by request).

SPA: Florida Keys SPA Salts: Food grade trace mineral salt mixed with either organic lavender buds or organic peppermint leaf for bath or scrub.