"Salt is born of the purest of parents: the sun and the sea." - Pythagoras

Earth & Sea Farm, home of Florida Keys Sea Salt.

Hurricane Irma Update: Hurricane Irma destroyed our salt farm. Farmers do not plan to rebuild salt operation at Earth & Sea Farm, other plans unknown at this time as we continue to clean up after the devastation to farm and forests.

We are an aspiring permaculture adventure in the Florida Keys, surrounded by the sparkling waters of the Caribbean Sea. The farm is located on land adjacent to the Great White Heron National Wildlife Refuge, on the edge of the remains of wilderness. 

We specialize in 100% solar evaporated Florida Keys Sea Salt, Florida Keys Moringa and Key West Natural Sponge. 

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the land

Earth & Sea Farm aspires to provide the highest quality produce to feed the body and nourish the spirit. All systems are developed with the goals of sustainability, resiliency and regeneration while maintaining an optimal balance with the natural world. The land is host to an abundance of pollinators, including honey bees and tropical produce of moringa, papaya, banana, soapnut trees, leather fern, mangroves, buttonwood and of course, our artisanal,  100% solar evaporated, hand-harvested sea salt.


our artisanal sea salt

The ancient art of harvesting solar-evaporated sea salt has been revived on Upper Sugarloaf Key by Midge Jolly and Tom Weyant. Living off the land to the highest degree possible, they farm in accordance with the rhythm of the tides and phases of the moon. Sun, wind and gravity all play their parts in the alchemy of creating this traditional culinary grade sea salt. The mysterious alchemy of atmospheric conditions cause subtle differences in shape, flavor, moisture content and texture of each salt harvest. 


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 Earth & sea farm

Earth Care – People Care – Resource Share Earth & Sea Farm aspires to embody permaculture principles and ethics as guiding instructions in all of their endeavors.  Earth & Sea Farm now only hosts service exchange guests via helpx workaway, and wwoofusa. Tours are available for groups of 3-7 with prior arrangements and include a Florida Keys Sea Salt tasting. Visit our contact page to connect.  FARM MOTTO: May All Benefit